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A functional, efficient and stylish bathroom doesn't only add value to your home, it can be a great place where you can unwind and destress. Because it's the next most important room in your home next to the kitchen, it should have all the amenities that will serve your family for the years to come.

Bath Remodeling with Meltini

We are a bath remodeling contractor in Jupiter with vast experience helping out homeowners with their renovation needs. Our specialty includes a luxurious and creative bathroom remodeling service at all price levels. We help you create the vision and incorporate it into the layout and design the features or elements you want to add. Our experienced designers will work with you to determine how functional your space is currently, how a new layout may either impede or improve functionality and then make recommendations on how to move forward.

Our team will closely work with you from conception through completion. We can help you mix and match different colors or patterns for maximum visual impact. If you do not have the luxury of space in the bathroom, our competent artists can recommend space-saving designs to maximize space. Whether it will be a simple bathroom or a master en suite, we will make sure that functionality and aesthetics will be at the heart of your remodel. We will take into consideration your preferences and start from there.

We are Trusted by Homeowners in Jupiter, Florida

Are you looking for a bath remodeling Jupiter contractor? Get in touch with us so we can get started planning for your renovation project. Tell us what you are hoping to achieve, the scope of what you want to do and the limitations you have to work with. We will use this information and turn this into a plan. Our promise is to transform your bathroom into a safe haven. Whether you like the sleek modern design or a rustic farmhouse, our team will make sure your space is tastefully decorated and it suits your style and preference. We can recreate your bathroom and turn it into your sanctuary, a place where you can truly reinvigorate.

We take pride in providing innovative bathroom solutions to our clients. Our happy clients are proof of the topnotch service we deliver. Call us today for an appointment!

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